We take our safeguarding and prevent duties extremely seriously at Warrington & Vale Royal College and take all reasonable precautions to prevent students accessing harmful or inappropriate websites while using our network or WiFi.

But students using their mobile phone or using a device at home are only protected by their internet provider. Often, this filtering is an “opt-in” service, meaning you will have to specifically ask for it to be turned on.

Below are some resources to help ensure you can provide a safe online experience for any children in your care.


How to report any issues


Configure Parental Controls at home

Get more information on how to use the parental controls offered by your home internet providers by clicking here.


Staying safe on various devices

Here are some useful links to help you have a safer online experience using:


Antivirus and content filtering from Sophos

The college uses Sophos to protect all our computers, servers and users from the threats found on the internet, and you can too. Sophos Home protects every Mac and PC in your home from malware, viruses, ransomware, and inappropriate websites. It uses the same award-winning technology that IT professionals trust to protect their businesses. Best of all, you can manage security settings for the whole family—whether they’re down the hall or across the world via a simple web interface. It is completely FREE and unlike other free software, it is safe and doesn’t contain adverts or nag screens prompting you to upgrade.

For more information and to start using it, click here.

If you have an Android phone or tablet, you can download Sophos Antivirus for free from the app store.