We would like to welcome all new and prospective parents/guardians to Warrington & Vale Royal College.

Please click the links below to explore support for parents of current and prospective students.

To report a student absence please call 01925 494498.

To report a safeguarding issue please call 01925 494222 or email

Watch our parent video for a real insight into what life is like at Warrington & Vale Royal College.


What do parents say about Warrington & Vale Royal College?

“My son’s science tutors are excellent and support him fully. He has really engaged for the first time in his education and has some real direction and focus.”  – Parent of an Applied Science student

“My daughter has completely changed –  she’s a lot happier than she was at school and a lot more confident. She was worried about making new friends but she has made so many!  I know she will do well with help from the college. I couldn’t be more proud of her.” – Parent of an Art & Design student

“I feel very satisfied with the college and my son’s tutor. My son comes home and explains everything he has done that day with a smile and a sense of achievement. Thank you!” – Parent of an Electrical Installation student

“We didn’t really look at many colleges as my son had set his heart on a particular one. Saying that, things didn’t work out as planned and attending Warrington & Vale Royal College was the best decision he has made. He is thriving and has grown so much in confidence. You are focused on his development and have identified his strengths and weaknesses to fully accommodate him. I can’t praise Warrington & Vale Royal College enough.” – Parent of a Creative & Digital Media student