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Hollie and Louis secure dream jobs with Jet2.com

High flying travel and aviation students Hollie Clayton and Louis Price will be jetting off around the globe next year when they start their dream jobs as part of Jet2.com’s cabin crew.

The duo, who are in the final year of their level 3 course at Warrington & Vale Royal College, are the latest travel and tourism students to secure prestigious roles within the industry.

They will take off on their new adventure in April, after going through a rigorous recruitment process with the airline company.

Hollie, 17, from Great Sankey, enthused: “This is my dream job. I have wanted this since I was seven years old – it’s just a dream come true.”

The former Great Sankey High School pupil added: “We get to travel the world as a job – it’s insane. We could end up flying to New York, Cyprus, Spain, Rome anywhere! It’s just so exciting.”

Louis, a former Cardinal Newman Catholic High School pupil, added: “Not knowing where we will end up makes it even more exciting. Getting this job is a dream come true for me and something I would never have been able to achieve was it not for the course and my tutors at Warrington & Vale Royal College.”

Hollie said: “Everything we have learned during the course has given us a competitive edge. During the recruitment process, we were asked questions and put in role play situations. A lot of it related to confrontation, something we had covered in detail in college. The course definitely played a massive part in helping us to secure these amazing jobs – we can’t thank the college enough!”

Both Hollie and Louis – who has also dreamed of working as part of cabin crew since being a child – had interviewed for other airline companies before securing their place with Jet2.com. But Hollie said despite this, she never gave up on her dream and urged others to follow in her footsteps.

She said: “If you want something, you should just go for it. Always be yourself and never, ever give up. If you get knocked back three or four times, keep going because if you want it, it will happen. And then when you get it on that fifth go, it will feel even better!”

Louis added: “If you are interested in a career in travel, tourism or aviation, definitely come to Warrington & Vale Royal College. You’ll learn everything you need to put you that step ahead of the competition, and you will meet some fantastic people along the way.”

Hollie and Louis are the latest travel and tourism students to secure top jobs in the industry after studying at Warrington & Vale Royal College.

Former student Jessica Eakins is currently working as part of cabin crew for Thomas Cook, Meg Kerr is working for security at Manchester Airport and Ryan Waterworth worked as a passenger service agent for Menzies Aviation, before moving to British Airways.

Tiki McCormick landed her dream job as a flight attendant with Virgin Atlantic, while former aviation operations student Andy Everest went on to work as part of the ground crew at City Airport & Heliport in Manchester.

Scott Grime, course leader and lecturer in aviation and travel & tourism, said: “I am over the moon for Hollie and Louis on securing their dream jobs with Jet2.com. They have worked incredibly hard during their time at the college and this has paid off with this amazing opportunity.

“At the college, we pride ourselves on ensuring all of our students gain the knowledge and skills they need to go on and work in their chosen careers and industries. Hollie and Louis are shining examples of what is possible after studying at Warrington & Vale Royal College. Many of our other students are also going through the recruitment process with various companies and I am sure Hollie and Louis’ success will inspire and spur them on to reach their goals too.”

To find out more about the opportunities available at Warrington & Vale Royal College, visit our website wvr.ac.uk or visit our open evening on Monday 12th February, 5pm-7pm.