Carpentry and Brickwork students have the tools for success at Cruden Construction Skills Contest

Construction students at Warrington Collegiate have shown they really do have the tools for success after impressing industry professionals at a nerve-wracking skills competition.

Carpentry & Joinery and Brickwork students took part in the inaugural end-of-year Skills Contest held at the Winwick Road campus on Thursday.

The competition – sponsored by Cruden Construction Ltd – also saw companies including Metsä Wood, Huws Gray, Hitachi donate items including timber, bricks and six power drills respectively. Paslode and Screwfix also attended the event.

Students were pushed to their limits, building structures from designs they had never seen before over the six-hour contest.

After the students had finished building, judges had the difficult decision of deciding who would take home the prizes, which included trowels, drill bits and chisels.

Taking home the top prizes were Leon Charnock (Level 1 Carpentry & Joiner), Elliott Rabbitt (Level 2 Carpentry & Joinery), Tom Mundry (Level 1 Brickwork) and Danny Clare (Level 2 Brickwork).

Andy Atkin, Lecturer in Brickwork at the College, dubbed the event a great success, adding: “Our students did us extremely proud and produced some absolutely fantastic work.

“We’re so proud of what they have achieved since they have been at the College and it’s great that we’ve been able to give them this opportunity to work under the pressure they will experience in the industry, as well as giving them the chance to showcase what they can do to industry professionals.

“We’re also extremely grateful to Cruden for sponsoring the event and the other companies that helped make it a success. Without the donations from them, the day would not have been possible.”

Organising the event alongside Andy and the Construction team was Work Placement Co-ordinator Dominica Randolfi and Work Placement Officer Faye Hennessy, who were able to secure the sponsors thanks to the College’s links with local companies.

Dominica said: “This was an excellent event which displayed just what talent our students have. It was exciting for our learners to work towards gaining a prize and the team effort of our staff in making this idea come to life was exceptional.

“The event was such a success that we hope to continue this as an annual event and evolve it so it involves all of our Construction subject areas.

“My special thanks go out to Cruden Construction and especially to Barry Curran – he was invaluable to the success of this event.”

Cruden have employed a number of apprentices from Warrington Collegiate over the years and last year gave two students a permanent position at the company.

Community Ambassador Barry added: “This has been a great day for both the learners at Warrington Collegiate and for Crudens as we’ve been able to see how talented the next generation are and what they can offer to the construction industry.

“If any of those that we have seen today aspire to be as good as the ones we have already taken on, then Crudens would be delighted to have them.”