Higher Education student support

Disabled Learners Allowance

Our support services are learner focused and help is provided across all areas of the college including discreet programmes and higher education (HE) programmes for students with learning difficulties and disabilities. Support for HE programmes is funded through the Disabled Learners Allowance (DSA). Our learning support team can help students in accessing this funding. We will support you through the DSA application process including the Study Needs Assessment and dealing with suppliers and/or external support agencies.


Find out more about the Disabled Learners Allowance:


Unsure about the Study Needs Assessment?


Support for students with learning difficulties

HE learners without DSA, can access 1:1 study skills provision where LS staff can assist with research and referencing techniques, assignment support, organisation/time management tools and assistive software, where needed. In addition to study skills, a screener is available to identify learners with possible specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia and dyspraxia. Our specialist support staff can conduct the screener for learners and then suggest possible routes to follow. Full diagnostic assessments for specific learning difficulties are available for learners who are progressing internally or current HE learners. A contributory fee is attached to a full diagnostic assessment for HE learners.

For information about our learning support services, please telephone Rachel Coyle on 01925 494257 or email learningsupport@wvr.ac.uk


Useful Information

Emergency cases

If a student has an emergency issue we will deal with this immediately. Please visit Learner Services.


Students can request an appointment with our wellbeing or learning support team by dropping into Learner Services or emailing learningsupport@wvr.ac.uk

Follow-up appointments

We will make these within one week of your previous appointment (or at a time that’s convenient for you).

Telephone contact

If we can’t deal with your request immediately we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.