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Warrington & Vale Royal College currently supports more than 500 organisations, helping them to recruit apprentices that are the perfect match for their business. We deliver a range of apprenticeships in various occupational areas such as business administration, HR, construction, engineering and science, management and IT.

We are proud to offer an apprenticeship matching service allowing employers across Warrington and Cheshire to source suitable candidates for apprenticeship opportunities within their organisation. Whether you are looking for a computer-whizz with exceptional attention to detail, or an organised administrator with excellent customer service skills. We want to find you your next member of staff.

If you have an apprenticeship vacancy to fill get in touch with our Apprenticeship Team who are on hand to match your vacancy with one of our talented candidates who are ready and waiting to meet you!

For more information please call: 01925 494271 or e-mail us at: apprenticeships@wvr.ac.uk.

Workforce development is vital to the success of any organisation, from small independent companies to large multi-national organisations. Warrington & Vale Royal College can help to support your training and development plans through apprenticeships, professional qualifications, and work placement opportunities. We are experienced in meeting individual business needs and will work with you to develop your business by ensuring your staff are effectively skilled and qualified.

Meet the Team

Karl Rogers
Head of Business Development & Recruitment
KRogers@wvr.ac.uk | 01925 494273


Abbie Hildebrandt
Employer Engagement Officer
AHildebrandt@wvr.ac.uk | 01925 494359


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Jennifer Hamer
Employer Engagement Officer
JHamer@wvr.ac.uk | 01925 494291


Pamela Clegg
Employer Engagement Officer
PClegg@wvr.ac.uk | 01925 494348


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Viola Wons
Employer Engagement Officer
VWons@wvr.ac.uk | 01925 494572



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Faye Hennessey
Business Development Executive
FHennessey@wvr.ac.uk | 01925 494283


Dominica Randolfi
Employer Engagement Officer
DRandolfi@wvr.ac.uk | 01925 494579


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Lisa Murrell
Employer Engagement Officer
LMurrell@wvr.ac.uk | 01925 494486


Sarah Brennan
Employer Engagement Officer
SBrennan@wvr.ac.uk | 01925 494368

Contact Us!

Our Business Development Team are always on hand to support our employer partners. If you would like to make an enquiry you can contact them on 01925 494271 or via email at: employers@wvr.ac.uk.

Alternatively drop us a message via the form below: