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A Levels starting September 2019

Warrington & Vale Royal Sixth will be offering A Levels at our Warrington campus starting September 2019.

Warrington & Vale Royal Sixth are concentrating on academic qualifications, with the aim of placing students in universities or higher level apprenticeships.

Our highly experienced staff will both challenge and support students to achieve their highest potential. In addition to the strong academic offer, students will have access to a full enrichment programme, and first-class advice and guidance. This will include an extensive extra-curricular programme of sporting, creative arts, cultural, travel and work experience opportunities, currently offered at Warrington campus.

All students will have a progress coach who will work with them on a range of additional enrichment activities to help prepare for their next steps, including; work experience, higher education and careers advice.


We are offering the following A Levels starting September 2019:


A Level Biology explores topics from all aspects of biology in order to nurture a passion for the subject and lay groundwork for further studies in the field. Practical work underpins biology and as such students will complete 12 required practicals throughout the course which are assessed through the three exams.


The A Level Chemistry course explores topics from the three main areas of chemistry; physical, inorganic and organic. Students study a wide range of topics allowing them to develop knowledge of the chemical reactions which are fundamental to all sciences. This is a course which encourages critical thinking and develops problem-solving skills.

Drama & Theatre Studies

Drama & theatre studies is a well-respected and established A Level widely recognised as developing not only the course requisite skills but also other skills such as public speaking, confidence and the ability to communicate effectively in both written and spoken forms. Students studying on this course will be able to progress on to all sorts of degrees and career pathways such as: law, acting, theatre studies, psychology, English, creative writing to name just a few.

English Language

English Language is a two year linear course that explores topics associated with English Language such as how we acquire it from birth, how it varies in different regions and how English is structured.  If you are interested in why people talk and write like they do, or are curious about the social and historical contexts in which texts are produced, you should really enjoy studying English Language.

English Literature

If you enjoy reading and discussing literature, you will enjoy this course. You will gain a detailed understanding of a broad range of poetry, prose and drama, while developing different critical approaches which can be used in reading and analysis. It is therefore essential that you are prepared to read independently.


A Level History is a two year linear course that explores a variety of topics within two specific historical periods covering approximately 200 years. These breadth and depth topics will explore differing perspectives, academic interpretation, causation, impact and consequences of the historical events during these periods.  One topic will focus on British history and the other will focus on a non-British historical period. Utilising primary resources as well as a variety of differing interpretations from leading academics, you will be encouraged to develop your own critical thinking skills alongside a more in-depth appreciation of these interesting and important episodes in history.


Maths is a facilitating subject so gaining an A Level in mathematics will act as an advantage to you for gaining entry into higher education and will place you in a fortunate position of having an excellent career choice in the future. This course covers a wide range of mathematical concepts such as mathematical proof, exponentials and logarithms, trigonometry and statistical hypothesis testing.  If you love the challenge of thinking and the process of logic to solve problems then this is the course for you.


This course explores topics such as social influence, memory and approaches to psychology. Psychology is a popular subject which is attractive to students because it develops a range of valuable skills, including critical analysis, independent thinking and research. These skills are particularly relevant to young people and are transferable to further study and the workplace.


The study of sociology focuses attention on an analysis of these social structures through the lens of differing sociological perspectives such as functionalist, structuralist and social action theories in an attempt to appreciate and explain their purpose in societies. This course will cover topics such as education, culture, health, poverty and welfare.


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